Event Management Companies

Why Choose Membership From Event Management Companies Instead Of Private Clubs?

Event Management Companies

If you’re here, there’s no doubt that you’re someone who loves nightlife and wants to live a luxury lifestyle. But when your nights out become repetitive and uninspiring, it’s time for a change. For many in the same position, they start to look further afield. In today’s global village, the whole of Europe and beyond is open to you if you’ve got the means, the inclination and, above all, a sense of adventure. If you want to expand your horizons, but want to ensure that you’ll still end up at quality venues, then it’s worth looking at memberships provided by private clubs or event management companies.

While the benefits of becoming a private member at a club are great for those who are going to get the most out of it, it can limit where you go. If you’re all about fresh experiences and visiting new locations, or if you’re travelling around Europe or the rest of the world, then being tied down to one or a few clubs isn’t going to fit with your lifestyle. So what’s the alternative? Well, one such option is becoming a member with one of the best events management companies. Such companies can offer a truly bespoke experience by providing you membership access to some of the world’s best nightclubs – such as those who are members, or even better, more closely associated, like partners – of the exclusive International Nightlife Association (INA). The INA is the only worldwide organisation representing the nightlife sector, and its members subscribe to universal values worldwide – like social harmony, safety, quality of services and justice. But what if you’re looking for more than just membership access to nightclubs? Are there event management companies that can offer you authentic, exclusive benefits that open up access to a whole different way of experiencing a night out?

The answer is yes, there are, and at AIM Events we offer high-quality, exclusive club membership that surpasses all your expectations. We’ve used our experience and contacts in the event management company services industry to craft a truly unique, and boutique, members’ club. It doesn’t just include exclusive access to some of the world’s most famous and best private members’ clubs – such as London’s Toy Room Club and Thirty Nine Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco – but a myriad of other benefits. Going beyond what is offered by other clubs, AIM Events offers members a full luxury lifestyle including a dedicated concierge; personal shoppers; celebrity experiences; discounts at partner nightclubs; and benefits for some of the world’s best five star hotels, private jets and dinner shows. Those are just some of the benefits that our members experience – we offer hundreds more, including access to consultancy, purchase advice and interior design via our AIM Real Estate arm. Our services are designed and delivered with your comfort, security and maximum entertainment in mind. While other club memberships can oversell and under-deliver, we believe in catering to the individual needs of our members. It’s why our membership tiers are limited and exclusive.

AIM Events offers both All Access (Yearly) and Seasonal (3 Month) Memberships to a maximum of 500 memberships at each tier, allowing us to provide our valued members with only the best, most individually-tailored service. While there is much more we could say, why not find out how we stand head and shoulders above all other luxury lifestyle and event management companies by getting in touch today to find out about our select, elite membership schemes?